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Hats and Japanese Denim in a Venice Bungalow

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Say you go to a friend’s house.

Say he excuses himself to take a call, so you start going through his things.

Then say you find some unusual Japanese denim, boiled-wool scarves and stacks of chambray oxfords on some tree trunks. Nice.

Better hope you’re at Left House—a quirky, rustic new shop on Abbot Kinney inside an old house—because you’re taking it all home with you...

What you’ll see from Abbot Kinney: an ambling, neighborly Craftsman bungalow. But you’re not here for a cup of sugar—you’re here to wander around four different rooms, saying things like “Does this plaid shirt make me look like Neil Young” (yes, kind of) and “This bracelet is unisex, right” (yes, kind of).

Up front is the living room, with oriental rugs, ladders and some driftwood: call it early-rustic-shipwreck. This room’s an ode to Kapital—an obscure Japanese brand that’s filled the place with denim, chambray oxfords and bucks good for when you’re hitting a poetry reading in Downtown. Or a script reading on Fountain.

Down the alfresco hallway out back, you’ll pass two more rooms filled with gift-y stuff (super-casual unisex clothes, indie jewelry) on your way to Westbrook Maker, an incredibly-old-school hideout of custom felt and suede hats that’ll help you channel your inner Indiana Jones.

And/or keep the sun out of your eyes.


Left House
1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA, 90291


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