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Pretty Much a Small Village of Pizza

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There’s a vicious rumor going around about you.

Everyone’s saying you like crisp pizza pies.

And that you like eating them outside.

Ridiculous, we know. We’ve been refuting it for you.

But... in case there’s some truth there...

Check out One Twenty-Two, a much larger, more ambitious cavern of pizza connected to South Brooklyn Pizza, opening Saturday in the East Village.

You may have popped into South Brooklyn Pizza’s tiny East Village location for a basic slice. Maybe even thrown some soppressata on it. And it was great. But this is… more. The kind of more that includes two bars, two dining rooms and a menu of formidable one-man pies that have stuff like lox or quail egg or Nutella on them. And it’s right next door.

The first part of your game plan for coming here: ask someone on a date. A casual first date. Say something like, “I know a great sunlit sit-down pizza spot.” Because you do now. The second part is to just keep moving forward. Because if you press on—past the low-slung brick-house bar area, and the fireplace, and the two-top-strewn, skylighted main dining area—you’ll see a door leading to a small, fountain-equipped patio. Which... jackpot.

And that’s where you’ll spend charmed summer evenings with glasses of a hearty red and The L.E.S., a lox-capers-cream-cheese-and-red-onion pie.

See. Jackpot.

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