Field Day

A Prix Fixe under the Stars

Welcome to spring.

Sure, this party technically started last week, but just look outside today. This is what you've been waiting for.
Which means it's time to start thinking about getting outside, shedding some layers (or at least observing certain others shedding some layers) and planning your next al fresco soiree.  

And if there's a farm involved, all the better…
Introducing Outstanding in the Field, a series of wine-drenched, sun-soaked outdoor galas set in farms and gardens in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island starting in August, with tickets on sale now.
If you've been waiting to break out your linen suit for a little champagne-fueled countryside romp with the woman you love, this is your moment. For starters, you're dropped right into the middle of a field, garden or row of corn and seated at a gigantic, 100-person table complete with white linens and formal service. Which means you'll want to bring a date that lives and dies by the greenmarket and settle in for a perfect blend of the first Thanksgiving dinner and your last jaunt to Napa.
The New York area dinners include an East Hampton farm and a community garden in Alphabet City (a hotbed of farming), with all of the food grown, harvested and cooked less than 500 feet away.
And at each dinner you'll tour the premises and see the farming life firsthand.
Sort of like the labor of your fruits…

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