Off the Menu at Nobu


Off the Menu at Nobu

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Words that Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has lived by, considering he has never officially added a new dish to his core Nobu menu since opening—and no one's complaining.

But even the greatest have to mix things up every decade or so. This week Nobu-san unveils five new items you can now order on any New York Nobu menu...or should we say off the menu. After all, broke or not broke, the best things are always left a little undiscovered.

Black Pepper Black Cod
Move over, miso, it's time for the pepper. This perfectly flaky chunk of black cod is completely dusted with ground black pepper and served with a sweet balsamic teriyaki so good you'll wish it came with a straw.

Scallop With Jalapeno Salsa
Yes, it's a single scallop, but it's one damn thick, juicy flavorful scallop, sautéed to golden perfection, topped with a surreal jalapeno salsa and served on a bed of brussel sprouts so buttery good they taste like...well, butter.

Arctic Char Belly
Forget about toro, the belly of the tuna, go for this belly instead—arctic char. This fatty and tender slab of fish is seared and served with tomatoes, jalapenos and tosazu sauce, a nice smoky soy and vinegar sauce with bonito flakes. Now that's some belly for your belly.

Curry Anago Tempura
This isn't your average finger food app. These chunks of sea eel (not to be confused with its less hard core cousin unagi, or freshwater eel) are battered in a light tempura and topped off with some coarse curry salt for a kick (after all, what's eel without kick).

Fluke Sashimi With Dried Miso
This is sure to be Nobu-san's next signature sashimi dish. The fluke is sheet-thin and magnificent, the dried miso melts in your mouth, and the small garlic chips with yuzu juice and olive oil all spell out simple perfection.


Off the Menu at Nobu
105 Hudson
(at Franklin)
New York, NY, 10013

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