Run through the Jungle

Bushwhacking through South America by Mototaxi

As any seasoned adventurer can tell you, it's not where you go but what you're riding on the way there.

Preferably some kind of motorbike/rickshaw contraption.

Introducing The Mototaxi Junket, a 2,500-mile tour of some of South America's most remote corners, conducted on one of the most unwieldy vehicles ever devised.

This particular expedition kicks off with a rum-soaked bash in Lima, Peru, before sending you on a journey through remote deserts, eerie salt flats, foggy mountain paths and one of the most wooly jungles in the world, on your way to yet another rum-soaked bash in Asunción, Paraguay. You'll have two weeks to make the dangerous, borderline-impossible trek through Bolivia, Paraguay and possibly even Brazil with just a map, a vehicle and your ferocious survival instinct. We'd pack some food too, just in case…

Of course, the real draw is the vehicle, a bizarre device known as the mototaxi. It's basically a crotch rocket welded into a car frame, so you'll be able to feel the wind in your hair but still have a snake-free place to store all that gear. And while you won't be taking it on the highway—they wouldn't make things that easy—you'll have a beast that can handle just about any kind of terrain in South America.

Suddenly airplanes are looking downright soft.


The Mototaxi Junket
Oct 24-Nov 7
Lima, Peru,

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