The Impossible Dream

M's Private Pool Enclave

A private, secluded pool is a thing of beauty.

Add in a few just-off-their-shift entertainers and carve it out of an off-the-beaten-path section of the newest boutique resort in town, and you may have found your next spot to dive in, Vegas-style.
Welcome to Daydream, the upscale pool-within-a-pool splashing down at M Resort and soft-opening just in time for your Final Four March Madness trip on April 2nd.
So you put in a few intense hours building stacks in the pit at the Hard Rock, a couple more in the sports book at Mandalay going hoarse for the next tourney Cinderella and made a few… acquaintances through the night at Lavo—you need a vacation within your vacation.
It's about time you head over to M (the new resort basically built for the local ladies of Vegas). Walking in to the secluded, walled-in pool, you'll realize you've stepped into a Shangri-La with the type of scenery (the aforementioned entertainers and a few LA ladies fresh from their drive in) you need to forget the scenery from last night. Find your way to one of the daybeds surrounding the infinity pool, or set up shop in one of the 10 fully stocked cabanas (flat screens, wi-fi, champagne, goodies, etc.).
They've even got a "Sunglass Valet" on staff to ward off all those lotion smudges.
Because you're not going to let a little lotion ruin this view.


at M Resort
2300 Las Vegas Blvd S.
Henderson, NV 89044

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