Morac Lounge

Less is Morak

Marrakech in the Mission

On a bustling little stretch where you can get tapas, sushi, pho and crepes on the same block, the area around 16th and Valencia pretty much offers the world.

But there's been one little missing piece of the global puzzle. Until now…

Welcome to Morak Lounge—a Moroccan-themed bar and hookah lounge, and your new exotic go-to hangout—open now next to the Pork Store on 16th Street.

Think of Morak as a little piece of Marrakech, decked out with crimson curtains and a golden glow emanating from the bronze fixtures. If you're looking for a quick escape of an evening, or want to break your usual date routine, slip in through the heated patio, past the communal leather sofas, and make your way inside to the bar (remember: no hookahs on an empty stomach…). Start with a cardamom-infused martini or a bottle of Casablanca beer before hiding away in a corner booth.

While there are some traditional Middle Eastern snacks like hummus, baba ghanoush and beef skewers, the real draw is the hookah. Pore over the rolodex of twenty or so hand-mixed flavors—from papaya to chocolate mint to the house favorite: double apple—and with just a few puffs, you'll feel the mellow buzz take over.

And when you're through, there's always Japan right next door…


Morak Lounge
3126 16th St
(W. of Valencia) 
San Francisco, CA 94103

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