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Hubbard Street's New Late-Night Sports Lodge

Everyone loves a high-profile wedding.

So when we heard that the folks behind the John Barleycorn empire were set to make an honest woman out of fashionista nest Moda, well, we wanted you to be the first one there with a handful of rice and a glass of Veuve…

Introducing Social Twenty-Five, your new late-night sports haunt/style den, opening tonight on Hubbard Street.

Think of Social Twenty-Five as the perfect blend of sports and style—sort of the Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen of River North watering holes.

But let's be clear here: the pad you used to know as Moda is now, first and foremost, a sports lodge—a sleek, wood-clad retreat where you'll feel perfectly at home dropping in with a couple of friends for a cold beer or a whiskey, and getting caught up on all the day's feats of athletic prowess (not to mention your friend's highly dubious feats of social prowess).

For a little less hoops and a bit more glamour, you'll want to find your way down to a dark banquette in the basement, where you get the feeling the place hasn't totally abandoned its chic opium den past.

You know what they say: you can take the girl out of high fashion, but you can't take high fashion out of the girl.


Social Twenty-Five
25 W. Hubbard St
(between Dearborn and Wabash)
River North
Chicago, IL, 60654

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