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There’s no other way to say this, so here goes:

We need you to procure a blue ox. Immediately, if possible.

See, you’re about to go full Paul Bunyan...

Behold Best Made Co., an airy studio of survival tools, tree-chopping stuff and other handsome outdoorsiness, opening Wednesday in Tribeca.

So, Best Made. These guys have been working the Internet and the occasional pop-up for a few years. Now they’ve gone brick-and-mortar. Their business: axes. But they also produce the kind of rugged waxed hunting jackets, gray T-shirts and tough-as-nails utility bags that make you want to move to Maine and reduce how often you speak by 80%.

When you come here, you’ll see a rack full of jackets and shearling vests you’d normally have to pilot a B-26 to get. Also: a pegboard wall and some cubbies full of wonderfulness. Lanterns. Camp chairs. Raglan sweatshirts. Growlers of New Hampshire maple syrup. And the Eureka Queen, a hand-painted, fourth-generation-axe-maker-forged chopping machine that only exists here. The bottom line is, you’re not camping this summer without stopping here.

They’ll put out a new product every Wednesday. This week it’s a maple-handled pocketknife. And on weekends, the whole studio opens for workshops. First on the docket: axe restoration, and field medicine, where you’ll practice suturing pig’s trotters.

Maybe start with axe restoration.


Best Made Co.
36 White St
(near Church)
New York, NY, 10013


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