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Kentucky Derby this weekend.

Lots of tradition. Gets you thinking about old classic things. Small men on horses. Steaks the size of Honey Boo Boo. Guys named “Big Daddy.”

But back to those steaks: give your eyes a first look at The Palm, your new retro-y house of butter-brushed filets and iconic wall caricatures in the Financial District, taking reservations now for a May 16 opening.

Envision red pressed-leather booths. Roger Sterling–level martini swilling. Near-panoramic views of the Greenway. And 30-foot ceilings accented by gorgeous marble, vintage lamps and hand-drawn wall caricatures. It’s all here.

As for food, you’ll find Palm staples. Read: corn-fed beef aged 35 days (yes, even the 36-ounce New York strip for three), family-recipe chicken parmigiana dating back to 1926, bacon-wrapped scallops. Oh, and five-pound lobsters from Nova Scotia, key for those dinners with the Iowa reps (landlocked folks are entranced by giant shellfish).

And since the weather of late has been awesome, good news: they’ve constructed a brand-new 70-person patio with glass walls for you to get a lot of Pimm’s Kentucky Cup time in (bourbon, Pimm’s, muddled cucumber). Thanks to judicious deployment of heat lamps, it’s a three-season deal.

Good things come in threes.


The Palm
1 International Pl
Boston, MA, 02110


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