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Three Things to Know About Papagãyo II

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As soon as you heard that Max and Dylans in Charlestown was closing, you opened the window in your office and bellowed, “BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR ME?” to the heavens. We were listening. Thus, here are three things to know about its replacement, Papagãyo Charlestown, soft-opening today.

Its vibe has been Papagãyo-fied.
Not so much from a full demolition, but more from a lot of reworked decor echoing the Fort Point original Papagãyo. You know: brightly painted walls, an open kitchen, an exposed-brick bar area and high-backed booths in dark amber.

It’s great for late-night enchiladas.
Or normal-time-of-day enchiladas. As well as their beloved made-to-order guacamole, grilled Island Creek oysters and filet mignon fajitas. And just like at the original, you have over 80 tequilas to chase it all down, either straight or in a fresh lime margarita (when in doubt, go full pitcher).

Some things are too good to kill.
If you’re worried about losing Max and Dylans’ famed secret-recipe mac and cheese with housemade toasted garlic crumbs and corkscrew pasta, don’t be. They’re still going to whip it up for locals and regulars who request it off-menu.

Angering Charlestowners is never wise. Especially when it comes to mac and cheese.


Papagãyo Charlestown
1 Chelsea St
Charlestown, MA, 02129


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