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Late-Night Drinking and EDM in Lincoln Park

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You may hear a seemingly innocuous phrase this weekend:

Let’s have one more drink somewhere else.

Be careful. It’s fraught with danger.

It could lead to strange dark passages, basement bars and crazy cocktails that probably shouldn’t exist yet somehow do.

Then again, it could lead to somewhere boring.

So put this on your radar: The Drop, a late-night bar ready to host after-hours shenanigans in Lincoln Park, now open.

It’s underground, so you might not see it right away. (Hint: it’s below Bricks Pizza.) Go down those little stairs. Now, straight through that narrow passageway. You’re doing fine. Open the door, and finally you’re there: Ibiza, Spain. Well, it’s close enough at this hour.

There’s whitewashed, undulating walls accented with Mediterranean-blue tile. There’s a mosaic of mirrors on the bar and soft plush furnishings to receive you. There’s no dance floor, but the music leans toward the EDM-ish: electro-jazzy, ambient, dubstep... okay, 4am’s probably not the best time to be splitting hairs on music classifications.

A cocktail, however, is perfectly acceptable.

The signature style is called a “Drop.” You’ll take one shot glass of, say, lime-infused vodka. Then you’ll plop it into your glass of ginger beer. Voilà: a Moscow Kick. Take jalapeño-infused tequila, plop it into a blend of Corona and Bloody Mary—boom, you have: The Mexican Standoff.

Also: early breakfast.


The Drop
1909 N Lincoln Ave
(between Wisconsin and Armitage)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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