Hula Back

Hot Sauce from a Rock Legend’s Son

None Life is funny.

One minute, you’re sitting at your desk, wondering if this will finally be the day you’ll learn there’s a new line of hot sauces that involves ex-NYC chefs and the offspring of Gregg Allman.

The next minute, it happens. And now you’re happy.

Because Born to Hula, a New Jersey–based stockpile of mild and not-mild-at-all condiments, is available online now.

Sure, you’ve already got some Tabasco. And one of those econo jugs of sriracha. Fine. But here you have a line of all-natural cayenne-, ancho- and guajillo-chili-pepper-fueled scrambled-egg enhancers, made in small batches with farm-to-table fresh red bell and dried habanero peppers for a medium-heat kick. You’ll dab it on fried chicken. Mexican. Cheerios. The stuff it touches will get all hot and spicy.

If you’re one of those “I want my mouth to feel like the surface of the sun” people, they’ve got a superhot one that’s loaded with Trinidad scorpion and bhut jolokia, which are two of the hottest peppers in the world.

Should that be too much, you could dial it down a smoky notch with a more BBQ-sauce-y roasted tomato and chipotle chili slatherer, which the owners created along with Devon Allman, one of Gregg Allman’s kids.

No, eating it won’t make you better at guitar.

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