Healdsburg Shed

Dawn of the Shed

All of Wine Country Packed into One Place

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There’s this new place in Healdsburg.

Looks like a warehouse crossed with a barn crossed with the Jetsons’ lake house.

And it’s essentially everything you love about wine country crammed into one bi-level funhouse of day-tripping potential.

We’re talking about the Healdsburg Shed. It’s now open. It’s magnificent. And here are three equally magnificent ways to harness its powers...

As a prelude to your tasting room rounds.
There’s a coffee bar and café on the ground floor. Go to her. Start the day with some Flying Goat coffee and a baked-egg frittata. Take matters outside and ponder the day’s quaffing schedule over stunning views of Foss Creek. Maybe whistle a little bit.

As a munitions depot for picnic domination.
Hit the market. Stock up on charcuterie and Fiscalini aged cheddar and brioche and artichoke pickles and ham. They’ll even let you call ahead for a premade picnic basket soon. Alfresco sandwiching: very much not a game.

As a bar. Just... as a bar.
Because they’ve got one of those, too. It’s a beauty. Beer, kombucha, kefir, cider, 13 local wines... all on tap. Could be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of winery-ing on your feet.

These are trying times. Stay strong.


Healdsburg Shed
25 North St
(at Healdsburg)
Healdsburg, CA, 95448


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