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Hut-ing Through the Appalachian Trail

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You’re scaring your intern.

Sure, we know what those darting eyes, gnashing teeth and repeated attempts to chew through the walls mean. You need to go hiking.

But he doesn’t know that.

So cut him a break and lace up for Appalachian Mountain Club Huts, a series of BYOB hiking huts along the famed trail, taking reservations now.

Let’s get right into it: you’ll start by reserving a stay at however many huts you think you’ll want to hit over a weekend of hiking through the Presidential Range in the legendary White Mountains. Plan on two or three, as each hut along the 56-mile trail is roughly a day’s hike apart.

About those huts: they have eight unique ones along the trail, with full-service trimmings (kitchens, roast-turkey dinners, apple pies, beds, BYOB ethos). There’s a super-remote, 38-person one built in 1931 from native New Hampshire trees (located within hiking distance of a stunning waterfall). And there’s a westernmost hut along the trail with clear views of the Franconia Range.

Or our favorite: the Lakes of the Clouds hut, a 90-person, fully staffed mountainside hostel high up on Mount Washington with above-the-tree-line views of the terra firma below.

Reminder: bring granola.

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