Meet Dave

Coffee. In Syrup Form.

None Your morning routine:

Alarm goes off.

You hit snooze.


You hit snooze again.

You get up. You shower. Read the paper. Toss back a spoonful of artisan coffee syrup...

Oh. About that.

Abracadabra: Dave’s Coffee Syrup, a delicious Rhode Island coffee molasses that’s good straight or in milk, available online now.

This is made by hand in small batches using the Ocean State’s very own Dave’s Coffee, from a craft roaster that cold-brews its joe for more flavor.

So the next time you need an emergency dose of go-go juice by way of a cold glass of milk and syrup, you’ll reach for one of these 16-ounce bottles, handsomely packaged to look old-timey and apothecary-y. Three tablespoons in a glass of milk should do the trick. Or if you’re in a rush (and you have a thing for drinking syrup), you can just down a spoonful of this straight.

In addition to the regular flavor, they’ve also got a mocha and a vanilla, either of which would go great on an ice cream sundae. Or even pancakes.

We won’t tell Aunt Jemima if you won’t.

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