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Pop-up bars.

You hate to see them leave. But you love to watch them walk away.

No. Wait. That’s not right. You just hate to see them leave.

So hey, pop-up bar, how about you don’t do that...

Welcome to the permanent home of Radio Bar, the once-pop-up SoFi establishment with the late-night DJ, bourbon cocktails and 600-foot-tall radio tower, now open. Indefinitely.

Below, everything you need to know about your new neighbor...

There’s a reason the drinks are damn good.
It’s the bartender. He’s of the James Beard–nominated variety, and he’s done time at Chicago’s legendary Drumbar. That bodes well for you. It also bodes well for what you’ll be drinking. That’d be The Commander (tequila, Mandarine Napoléon, orange and chili).

Every bar should have a pool table. Okay.
You’ll find the one here toward the back, surrounded by Persian rugs and thrift-shop lamps and... hell, just look for the giant billiards table. If you’re thinking that this would be a nice thing to lean against while sipping some bourbon... you’re right.

Even better than the cocktails at the bar...
The pizza (courtesy of Pizza Bar). And the nachos. And the hot dogs. Yeah, they’re serving proper drinking food here now until 5am. Also, alcohol-infused cupcakes.

Which would be improper drinking food.


Radio Bar
814 1st St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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