Suit Suit Riot

Suitsupply. It’s Here Now. In Buckhead.

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Let’s talk about your tailor.

He’s dependable. Friendly. Threads a hell of a needle.

Great guy.

Anyway, you’re firing him.

And you’re hiring Suitsupply, an Amsterdam-based... supplier of suits that’s both willing and able to fix you up with a freshly tailored Italian suit and a tumbler of scotch in less than an hour, open as of today in Buckhead.

Alterations in less than an hour. Let that sink in for a second. Great. Now drive to Buckhead, toss your keys to the valet and get in there. Take a lap. Notice the shadow boxes full of loafers. That big tie wall. A burnt-orange jacket that was made specifically for any Steeplechase-related business in your near future. Nice. Grab that one.

Then head to the open workshop up front full of black thread spools, bright-red pincushions and a sharply dressed man steaming things. That’s your new tailor friend. He’s there to make sure everything fits you like a glove. And he’s there to make that happen at breakneck speeds.

If you’ve got the time, though, just tell them you’re coming in advance. This is the only Suitsupply outpost (aside from Amsterdam) that will reserve a private room for you and lay out a bunch of jackets, pants and shoes in your exact sizes.

The scotch is one size fits all.


3400 Around Lenox Rd NE
Atlanta, GA, 30326


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