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A New Tavern in an Old Newspaper Office

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Picture one of those old-timey newsrooms.

Serious-looking people are running around in black ties and horn-rimmed glasses. Typewriters are blazing. Everyone’s drinking scotch and talking in that unnecessarily fast ’40s voice.

Good times.

Oh, and speaking of good times.

And that other stuff...

Stop the presses for Tribune Tavern, a historic old newsroom office turned modern-day watering hole from the Chop Bar and Lungomare guys, equipped with a third date’s worth of barrel-aged gin and shepherd’s pie, opening Wednesday in Oakland.

It’s on the ground floor of the Tribune Tower, this place. Used to be the home of the Oakland Tribune. So there’s century-old marble everywhere. Big grandiose columns. Pressed-tin ceilings and a communal table made out of old dollies (not sure what that last one has to do with the news, but you’ll take it).

Stop in here on the way to a show at the Fox. Bring that third date along. Slip into a booth and get yourselves into some type of Welsh-rarebit-and-beer-steamed-mussels situation.

Should pair nicely with the deluge of barrel-aged cocktails and Old Etonians headed straight for you (those have gin, crème de noyaux and kumquat bitters in them, by the way). There’s a bunch of beer, too. Including one from Linden Street Brewery that’s delivered thrice weekly on a custom-made bike from the brewery.

You love bike beer.


Tribune Tavern
401 13th St
(at Franklin)
Oakland, CA, 94607


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