Zero Tolerance

You in a Plane, sans Gravity

None Funny how every once in a while, time seems to suddenly stop.

You’re there. In the moment. Present. Floating completely weightless, 34,000 feet above Los Angeles...

You’re either having an out-of-body experience, in which case you should probably avoid investigating any whitish light, or you’re doing this:

Glide purposefully in the general direction of Zero G, a bold enterprise that exists solely to put you on a plane and let you part ways with gravity, taking reservations now for June 15.

Basically, this is your chance to go up in an airplane that recreates the effect of space travel. The whole no-gravity thing. Just like Buzz Aldrin before you. (Yeah, the Apollo 11 guy. He was a paying customer. Or maybe they gave him a free trip for publicity and whatnot.)

So what you do is, tell everyone you love that they’re not getting birthday presents this year. Then pay a few grand for this. Come June, you’ll put on your new flight suit (yes, you get to keep it) and get on a modified Boeing 727, and then, when the plane does a dozen or so parabolas, you’ll be... floating. Just hanging out, free of the mortal shackles so long imposed upon you by the laws of gravity.

Then you’ll land and go get a chicken sandwich or something.

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