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Tribeca’s New Late-Night Latin Spot

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Couple pieces of wonderful news for you today.

One: looks like you can finally set that coat of yours on fire.

Two: there’s a handsome new Latin spot you’ll want to try this weekend.

Welcome to Los Americanos, a new retro-ish corner of late-night empanadas and mezcal in Tribeca, opening Thursday.

If the diner from Seinfeld were relocated to 1950s Havana, it would have looked like this. Red formica two-tops opposite a small, colorfully stocked bar—all housed among wood paneling and South American kitsch. Jerry and George would’ve hatched the contest in a brown leather wraparound banquette over midnight tacos al pastor.

A lot of countries are represented here. El Salvador by pupusas. Venezuela with arepas. Cubano sandwiches. Argentine skirt steak and chorizo. All washed down with a Miraflores—a Peruvian pisco/egg-white cocktail with a hibiscus that you’ll... also eat.

There’ll be some much-appreciated alfresco seating soon, but for now, we see you holding court with a group of revelers in that king-size banquette. It’s the only one in the place, right in the back. Breakfasts of cachapas and house-blended coffee will be happening (and available from a takeout window, if that’s your bag), but you want to be here during the mezcal hours. The rum-cocktail hours.

The tiny-umbrellas-are-okay hours.

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