Let It Rain

Café Sounds. And Rain. On Your Laptop.

None You always lack focus on opening day at Fenway.

And for that matter, Mondays after new episodes of Mad Men. And Game of Thrones.

In short: you’re distracted. So here’s a site to hear rain and café bustle to possibly help you concentrate.

Meet Rainy Cafe Machine, a website to listen to falling rain or the clink and clank of a café, online now.

You’ll want to use this when you’re toiling away at that little hobbyhorse of a novel of yours. Or when you’re staring down the avalanche of emails your inbox suffers after a spur-of-the-moment jaunt to the Maldives. Or just anytime your mind requires the inspiration-enhancing ambient noise of your go-to coffee shop, yet you promised your legs a pants-free day.

In other words: keep this bookmarked. When ready, you’ll slip on some headphones, go to this site and choose a noise. Depending on which one you pick, you’ll soon be drowning out the world around you with the jibber-jabber sounds of a busy café, or the steady downfall of heavy rain showers. You can even play both simultaneously.

Super-meta: playing both while at a café in a rainstorm.

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