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Never Lose Your Snowboard Again

UrbanDaddy - Snowboard Spotter Boarding's been good lately—lots of fresh powder on the trails…

But sometimes you spend more time looking for your board in between rounds at the lodge bar than you do on the slopes.

Not to worry: Snowboard Spotter, a just-released GPS iPhone app, is here to pinpoint your board's exact whereabouts in just one tap.

It works like so: when you drop off your board before heading into the lodge, open the app and tap the snowboard image to save the location. Head inside for some hot chocolate (with a twist, of course) and a burger or two. When you're ready to locate your ride, open the app and tap "find board." The Spotter will open up the map with your current location (blue dot) and your snowboard's location (red dot)—all you need to do is connect the dots.

Since the GPS works best outside, there's also a camera function and audio and text notes presumably to help you remember indoor things like where your locker is.

Though we've found it comes in handy if there's a certain ski bunny you want to find later.

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