Things to do for April 04, 2013

The Weekender

Lobster, Wine and Guitars

If your condition persists for more than four hours, consult your weekend.

UD - VIP Tickets to an Epic Boxing Match

VIP Tickets to an Epic Boxing Match

Your Perks: VIP access to a history-making boxing match at Madison Square Garden on April 20—with a burger and a beer before or after the fight. Plus, this Saturday, you’re touring SoHo’s galleries with art insiders before heading to the Tribeca Grand for an American Psycho–themed extravaganza. Costumes required, naturally...

UD - A Biker Wine Bar in the EV

A Biker Wine Bar in the EV

Bresaola panini named Johnny Cash. Salads named after famous motorcycles of yore. A wine bar for bikers. All of that stuff makes sense now: there’s a new motorcycle-y East Village spot from the fellows behind Bocca di Bacco. It’s like that deleted scene from The Wild One where Brando pinky-sipped merlot.

Now open, Ton-Up Café, 127 St. Marks Pl (near Ave A)

UD - The Lobster Place Is Massive Now

The Lobster Place Is Massive Now

In January, crustacean mecca The Lobster Place closed for renovations. It’s been a rough few months. But now it’s back, 4,000 square feet bigger and sporting a spanking-new, daily changing omakase sushi table and an oyster bar. Oh, and there’s beer. It’s amazing what a little R & R will do.

UD - Good Weekend to Get Fitted for a Suit

Good Weekend to Get Fitted for a Suit

There’s a tailoring operation from Cleveland. Yeah, Cleveland. It’s called Rifle Quality. Martin Greenfield makes their suits. And the guy who designs them is here this weekend. Naturally, he’d like to size you up for a summer-weight windowpane sport coat. So be a pal—make an appointment.

UD - Adults-Only Brunch in SoHo

Adults-Only Brunch in SoHo

Ah, the party brunch. An age-old tradition whereby you consume lemon-ricotta pancakes and DIY limoncello-champagne cocktails while a DJ lures everyone into thinking 2pm is 2am and making all kinds of questionable decisions. Or... that could just be this one.

UD - A Rare-Guitar Hall of Fame

A Rare-Guitar Hall of Fame

You have no need for a 108-year-old Brazilian rosewood guitar that’s probably the earliest steel-string model in existence. But it sure sounds like something you’d want. Hence this new Valhalla of vintage axes. It’s run by a guy who repairs Steve Martin’s banjos. And, as always, no “Stairway” allowed.

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