Taco Time

Mobile Veggie Tacos. Finally.

None Interesting news today: a vegetarian taco truck launched this morning from a former roadie drum tech for the Black Eyed Peas.

Just kidding: April Fools’.

Actually, we’re not kidding. It’s real.

Give a hearty, soy-based hello to Taco Party, a no-flesh-whatsoever taco truck that won’t make you miss meat, now rolling.

First of all, let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with meat (or consuming an entire pound of bacon under the banner of “brunch”). But sometimes getting the health benefits of a veggie-rich meal can be just what you need to counteract a lifestyle beset by nocturnal adventures, loud music and elegant-spirit consumption (your weekends are alarmingly similar to the average roadie’s Wednesday).

In those moments, you’ll locate this. Awaiting you there: four tacos of the non-nitrate variety that use produce procured locally (mostly) and the three pillars of vegetarian proteins. Tofu. Wheat-meat seitan. And tempeh (like in the Tempeh Tantrum Taco that’s marinated in lime sauce... call it a meatless carne asada).

Oh, and all of the proteins are made by an Italian gent named Rudy in the same mill complex where the Sam Adams brewery is located.

Italians just have a way with tofu.

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