Things to do for March 28, 2013

The Weekender

Hangover Cures, Pinball and Pat LaFrieda

Take us out to the weekend.

UD - A Coffee Bar with Pinball Machines

A Coffee Bar with Pinball Machines

You’ve got energy to burn after a strong espresso. Some people might work. You... play pinball. Or you can, at the new West Village outpost of Greenpoint coffee shop Upright, which has an entire room dedicated to pinball. It also serves beer at night. Which... makes sense.

UD - Creative Bloody-ing in SoHo

Creative Bloody-ing in SoHo

You’d never set foot in a brunch establishment that had any less than five different Bloody Marys. So this one’s got six, including a BLT version. Toss in some brûléed grapefruit, a chicken-and-waffle sandwich and something called Hangover Lo Mein, and you’ve got a brunch that’s... well, still this one.

UD - Pat LaFrieda’s New Place at Citi Field

Pat LaFrieda’s New Place at Citi Field

Hot dogs and Cracker Jack are the utility infielders of the ballpark-food set. You’re looking for a Triple Crown–contending Gold Glove winner. Enter Pat LaFrieda, who’s doing an exclusive burger, plus tenderloin medallions and steak sandwiches, at his new Citi Field spot. So at least someone will be winning there.

Opens Apr 1, Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House at Citi Field, 123-01 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, 718-595-8102

UD - The Mulberry Project Does Greenwich

The Mulberry Project Does Greenwich

Let’s just toss a few things together here: a bi-level Greenwich Village townhouse; a former David Burke Kitchen chef doing dry-aged lamb loin; and the cocktail-making skills of the Mulberry and Vinatta Project team. That’s this, and we think it’ll work out. Primarily for you.

Next Thursday
UD - Theory + Art of Shaving + You = This

Theory + Art of Shaving + You = This

The lads at Theory want to make sure you reach your devilish-handsomeness potential. Hence this event, where they’ll impart their sartorial wisdom and grant you 20% off whatever you buy. The Art of Shaving team will also be around... just in case you’ve got any beard-removal confusion.

Apr 4, 6:30-9pm, Theory, 40 Gansevoort St (between Hudson and 9th), 212-524-6790, RSVP here

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