Four Sure

Italian Breakfast Sandwiches. In a Truck.

None Most of the time, it goes like this:

A food truck is born, it slowly gains favor with locals, and if the stars align just right, a brick-and-mortar restaurant follows.

Now reverse all that. And get ready.

Because A4 Truck, the mobile version of Kendall Square’s lauded pizza-and-pastries haven, Area Four, gets rolling this Monday.

Spotting this rig in Dewey Square next week will involve scanning for a custom-built food truck hand-painted by three local artists with a mix of neon lettering, street graffiti and abstract geometric shapes (so, not hard).

Hit it up in the morning. Grab their Barrington coffee brewed fresh in the truck, Area Four’s pastries (visible in a display case through the plexiglass window) or just a fresh egg frittata sandwich with griddled maple-sage sausage (frittata = email catch-up fuel).

But if you cross paths with them at lunch (say, at the SoWa market, where they’ll be parked this spring), go for one of their grilled Italian sourdough sandwiches. Think: a hot capicola, mortadella, salami and provolone muffuletta, or one made with house-smoked Cape Cod bluefish and pickled onions.

And because it’s a full-service catering unit (with external speakers and a flat-screen), you can also hire it for private parties.

Fortunately, your office has huge doors.

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