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An Old-School Market in Fort Point

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Chain supermarkets.

Convenient, sure. But they can be... impersonal. Cold. Chain-y.

You could use an alternative. Something a bit smaller. Warmer. And most importantly: throwback-ier.

Give a neighborly hello wave to Bee’s Knees Supply Company, your new days-of-yore neighborhood grocer for local cheeses, global specialty foods and a lot of chocolate, now open in Fort Point.

Brought to you by M3’s Jason Owens, this is sort of a combination of the neighborhood market young Vito Corleone worked for in The Godfather Part II... and a more soulful Whole Foods. Meaning: floors made with 150-year-old wood, gleaming white subway tile, produce hailing from local farms, even an antique meat slicer at the deli’s charcuterie station (house-cured meats require their own counter).

So fast-forward to your next sixth date (read: seduction via at-home culinary wizardry). On the menu: your mythic surf and turf. You’ll swing by here for local seafood fresh from the docks and meat courtesy of Savenor’s (all praise its name). And since the chemical reactions your brain has to dark chocolate and sex are rumored to be the same, you’ll stop at the in-house gourmet chocolatier to grab some chocolate treats with crème fraîche centers.

Nothing closes like French sour cream.


Bee’s Knees Supply Company
12 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA, 02210


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