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Gant Rugger Lands in Hayes Valley

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You should go sail a boat or something.

Play some croquet.

Eat a crab cake.

Not because it’s just the right thing to do...

Because it gives you an excuse to wear this stuff.

Prepare your body for greatness and welcome the city’s first Gant Rugger, a slick new Hayes Valley haberdashing situation filled with magnificently preppy, Americana-inspired wearables like madras shirts and tan linen blazers (oh, and beer), now open.

Congratulations: you’re about to wear springtime New England. You’re about to put a New Haven racquet club on your body. In short: you’re about to bathe in a giant sea of Gant-iness. And it’s going to be wonderful.

It’s kind of tiny in there. Good tiny, though. Looks like an old-school diner crossed with an old... school.

Filing cabinets from 1917 decked out with pocket squares and a rainbow’s worth of socks. A vintage schoolhouse table with blue-and-red-checked shorts. Baker’s racks with red pinpoint oxford button-downs on them. It’s all present and accounted for.

So there you go. Get the hell in there. Pluck some handsomeness off one of those pipes on the wall and let someone hand you a beer. It’s all in the name of making a proper spring comeback.

Also, drinking beer.


Gant Rugger
552 Hayes St
(between Laguna and Octavia)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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