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Kayaking Uncharted Waters in Oregon

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You’ve reached the part of your day where you book a life-threatening excursion in the great outdoors and take some very unnecessary risks with total strangers.

Oh, and eat some sushi.

It’s all part of the Chetco River Kayak Expedition, a five-day expedition into one of Oregon’s most dangerous rivers, taking reservations now for a summer embarking.

It’s just like any other whitewater rafting trip... except you’re not on a raft. You’re in a one-man inflatable kayak. And you’re paddling your face off down southern Oregon’s Chetco River: an all-natural fun park of Class IV-plus rapids, canyons and redwoods that’s been off-limits since 2002. (Apparently, the “government” deemed it too “dangerous.”)

Here’s what’ll happen. First, you’ll rendezvous with your leader: a man named Zach Collier. He’s led expeditions on four continents and has a lifelong passion for nature (and putting his life in jeopardy). You’ll follow him across old mining trails to your launch point and commence paddling for roughly 24 glorious miles. (And by glorious, we also mean painful.)

But your trip isn’t entirely filled with imminent peril. You’ll also swim in natural pools, soak in the view and bond with your guides over campfires. One of them will even roll you some riverside sushi.

Well, assuming you make it to the riverside.


Chetco River Kayak Expedition
via Northwest Rafting Company


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