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Decadent Burgers from a Michelin-Starred Chef

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We’d love to tell you that you’re about to have your hands full with a wild-boar burger.

And we’d love to tell you that it was put together by a Michelin-starred chef.

So yeah, if it’s all right with you, we’re just going to go ahead and do that now...

Welcome to PoshBurger Bistro, an off-Strip kingdom of opulent burgery from a Michelin-starred wunderkind, opening tomorrow in South Summerlin.

Picture a school cafeteria. Now picture something... much nicer than a school cafeteria. Something with dark tile floors and long blond-wood communal tables. Combine those two images. Boom, you’ve got this. Actually, toss in seven different kinds of burgers and a double IPA or two, and then you’ve got this.

Come with a group. Preferably one large enough that you can order each type of burger, a couple of baskets of skinny (or fat, you’ve got the choice) fries and a few Devastator Double Bocks (remember, you’re fortifying here).

As for the burger specifics, you’ll get yourself the Kobe with truffle aioli, seared foie gras and a quail’s egg. But you’ll position yourself between the fellow who got the wild-boar burger with Armagnac aioli and poached pear and the lass who ordered the tuna tartare version with wasabi.

You clever bastard.

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