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Party in a Plane on South Beach

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It's hard not to be seduced by the allure of airplane travel.

Especially when it's all allure, and no travel…

Welcome to Skyline, your new aerial-themed South Beach playpen, opening Thursday.

Easily the most elaborately themed club ever to hit Miami, Skyline is sort of a cross between Studio 54 and Catch Me If You Can—a mod lounge/nightclub fashioned from an actual commercial jumbo jet. The owners go full-throttle on the airplane motif, so it goes without saying that the cocktail waitresses are dressed like stewardesses, the DJ booth is a cockpit, the seats hail from French jets and the drinks are called Turbulence, Crash Landing, Altitude and Black Box. (We're pretty sure  they can also serve a mean kamikaze.)

It's the sort of place you'll want to go to blow it out big and shamelessly with your (flight) crew, totally committed to the over-the-top madness and ready to meet some fellow passengers. Start out at the bar (formerly a 60-foot wing on a DC-9), then gradually find your sweet spot within the cabin. There are even three VIP sections with flat-screens and personal flight attendants, if you're willing to upgrade to first.

You always have been…


645 Washington Ave
(between 6th and 7th) 
South Beach
Miami, FL 33139


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