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Midtown's Newest Burger Joint

UrbanDaddy - Flip New burgers in this town are a dime a dozen, so you'll forgive us if we don't get excited about every patty melt we come across. Even if they come from one Pat LaFrieda, the man who stoked your love affair with the burger at Shake Shack.
But when a new burger joint arrives out of the ether and basically amounts to a temple of LaFrieda burgers nestled amongst some designer tube socks, well, then there's a reason for you to get excited.

Welcome to Flip, the new burger joint strategically located in the men's shop in Bloomingdale's—perfect for when your burger craving inevitably overpowers your tweed-three-piece-suit craving.

Flip is more than anything a delivery mechanism for the five pillars of LaFrieda meat (short rib, brisket, wagyu, lamb/merguez and turkey), all chopped (rather than ground) to make for tastier, juicer, old-school burgers.

And think of it sort of like the Burger Joint—except it has the easy feel of a futuristic soda shop/diner, and choices. There's no need to plan ahead—just drop in, grab a seat at the bar and pore over the different ways you can have your choice meats cooked up, slathered with sauce and accompanied (there are nine sauces, eight cheeses and four fry options, to start).

For now, it's beer and wine only, but rest assured that they'll soon have all the booze you could ever need to spike your milkshake.

Or your tube socks.

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