16 Shades of Green

And Now, Some Women Wearing Green

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16 Photos Ladies in Green
None 16 Photos Ladies in Green
You enjoy St. Patrick’s Day for many reasons.

Whiskey, for starters. Also: “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” Shepherd’s pie. James Joyce. The Quiet Man. Whiskey. And the banishment of all snakes in Ireland by Patrick, Archbishop of Armagh. (Obviously.)

But in case you’re not feeling so Irish this Sunday, here’s 16 more reasons to enjoy...

Raise a green pint to Ladies in Green, a timely slideshow of women wearing nothing but hunter green, forest green, emerald, viridian and every other shade of green you can think of... but not too much of it.

The baseline criteria for being featured here: wear green. Optional but recommended bonus criteria: wear a swimsuit. Or lingerie. Or just have a deep appreciation for Irish culture.

While the applicants were numerous, a few stood above the rest. Kate Upton won us over with her extremely transparent... enthusiasm. Christina Hendricks went above and beyond in a traditional Celtic dress. Miranda Kerr technically wore more black than green, but... who’s counting.

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