Scottish Rite

A Golf Tour of Scotland. By Helicopter.

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Today is all about one thing:

Celebrating the pious deeds of a fifth-century Irish bishop named Patrick...

... and maybe some drinking.

As is tradition, we planned to keep things modest, just like Patrick. And, of course, Irish.

But something came up. Something big. Something... Scottish.

Namely, Heligolf, a bucket-list-slaying trip across Scotland by private helicopter where you’ll casually hop from course to legendary course with an ex-pro golfer as your guide, taking reservations now.

Andrew Coltart. He’s the Ryder Cup veteran you can thank for this. It’s all part of his particularly over-the-top method of harnessing your true golfing potential. A method requiring that you spend every waking hour traipsing across legendary fairways—at least when you’re not basking around your home base, a 17th-century seaside mansion/private course known as Archerfield Links. (Best not to question your instructor here.)

Your day-to-day is pretty simple. You have a helicopter. You have a Scotland. The chopper pilot abides by your every command, stopping at St Andrews, Gleneagles, the Carnegie Club and any other majestic links or private putt-putt refuge you desire, blowing the caps off bewildered golfers along the way.

Oh, and should you wish to tour any local whiskey distilleries, he can make that happen, too.

Then you’ll call him your designated chopper pilot.


Archerfield Links
Golf Green
Dirleton, East Lothian
EH39 5HU
United Kingdom
+44 1620 621188
official website


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