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Behold: The Country’s Largest Bouldering Gym

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Hey, look at that.

It’s 75 degrees out.

Great day to wear fuchsia and eat citrus fruit and say things like “Volleyball, anyone?”

That, or just go bouldering.

You know, bouldering...

Enter Dogpatch Boulders, a colossal new indoor gym focusing exclusively on the rope-free, harness-free form of rock climbing affectionately known as... bouldering, now soft-open in Dogpatch.

First off, this is the sister gym to Mission Cliffs. So yes, they know a thing or two about rock climbing. Secondly, this is the largest bouldering gym in the country. So yes, you’ll have more than enough real estate to go full James Franco in 127 Hours, minus all that... unpleasantness.

Now, there’s a few things you should know: 1) It’s soft-open. And sometimes that means you’ll find a big wooden barricade out front. Ignore that. Press on and find the front door. 2) The showers aren’t installed yet. 3) There’s no three. Who cares about that other stuff. Just get in there.

And when you do, you’ll find wall after towering wall of cliffhanging potential. Things like the Great Arch (it simulates cliffs with craggy and unpredictable terrain) and the Wave Wall (it runs like a cresting wave from the front of the building to the back).

And don’t worry about falling. The floor is basically a big foam bed that can break a fall from heights of up to 17 feet.

So maybe don’t climb 18 feet.


Dogpatch Boulders
2573 3rd St
(at 22nd)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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