Caramel Irish Whiskey Blondie

Served Up

Irish Whiskey and Baileys. For Dessert.

None Let’s change things up for St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Whoa, calm down.

You’re still going to have plenty of rich food, Ireland’s most magic of elixirs (it rhymes with “fiskey”) and... Baileys.

Except now, you’ll get it served to you all in the same glass.

Release the bagpipers for the Caramel Irish Whiskey Blondie, a decadent dessert made with Jameson, liquid-nitrogen-frozen Baileys and some other stuff, available off-menu at Blue Inc. through Sunday.

Here’s how they make this wondrous treat: they start with a 10-ounce rocks glass. Into this they drop a blondie: basically a chocolate-free brownie made with butter and vanilla. (We hope you don’t mind that it’ll be warm and chewy.)

Next, they add a bunch of Baileys that’s been frozen into negative-300-degree dippin’ dots by liquid nitrogen. Then, they top it off with some Baileys-based whipped cream made in-house.

Finally, the whole thing gets slathered in a hot caramel sauce that’s been infused with Jameson whiskey.

John Jameson: the other Irish patron saint.


Caramel Irish Whiskey Blondie
available at Blue Inc.
131 Broad St
Boston, MA, 02110

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