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Strip Steak and 114 Beers in the Tribune Tower

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The Tribune Tower.

It’s a Chicago landmark that’s been home to some legendary writers.

And occasionally, some legendary drinkers.

And now, with any luck, it’ll be home to both.

Behold: Howells & Hood, a magnificently vast beer-and-dinner hall setting up in the ground floor of the neo-Gothic tower, opening Saturday.

True, this isn’t the grizzled place Mike Royko gravitated toward—you won’t mistake it for the Billy Goat Tavern. Unless, of course, the Billy Goat recently installed a few copper-clad walls and travertine marble quarried in Rome. But what it lacks in cheezboigers, it makes up for in 114 beers pouring from more than 300 tap handles. Including some on the 300-person patio. A fair trade.

When you’re courting potential investors/media executives/beef snobs, you’ll find a mix of after-work favorites—the H & H Burger made with coveted Pat LaFrieda aged beef—and deal-closing fare like prime New York strip.

Yet if you’re pitching some top-secret, it’s-the-next-Groupon kind of thing, the conference room has special glass that frosts over with a touch of a button.

Incidentally, this place will also be in charge of the tower’s 100-person outdoor party space on the 25th floor. Because sometimes you need the privacy only a terrace under Gothic arches, grimacing gargoyles and astounding views can provide.

Just ask Batman.

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