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Hanger Steak and Classic Drinks Downtown

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Twenty-six days until the new season of Mad Men.

Which we hear embodies all the style and swagger of the late 1960s.

Hmm. Sounds familiar...

Behold: Sterling’s, your new high-ceilinged, retro-ish cathedral for doing business over classic bar snacks and classic-er libations, slated to open tomorrow downtown.

This is located in that State Street borderland separating the financial district from the tourists at Faneuil Hall. The razor’s edge, if you will. Once inside, you’ll find a triangular den that’s sort of a mix of Roger Sterling and Massachusetts: herringbone marble walls, high-back gray leather booths and a big mural with imagery of ’60s Boston (think: JFK, Castro at Fenway, Yaz and the 1967 Sox).

Your best move: arrive here in a three-piece suit for a work-related tête-à-tête and order a gin fizz. Say, with that client-slash-budding-summer-romance, conducted in a booth over some bacon-topped deviled eggs (go ahead, pound a half-dozen of them, Harry Crane–style).

Or just meet up for some local pints (Notch, Cisco) at the bar overlooking Quincy Market with a few office buds. Loosen the tie and call for the Bruins game and a marinated hanger steak frites.

The place will sound great, too: the A/V system was designed by the same guys who did Bijou.

Just don’t request “Zou Bisou Bisou.”

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