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Hard Time

A Whiskey-Obsessed Bar on the Waterfront

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Yesterday, we lost an hour.

This Thursday, we gain a lifetime.

(Actually, we’re just gaining a new bar. But hey... new bar.)

Meet Hard Water, a salty, whiskey-obsessed watering hole channeling the best of the Big Easy via Sazeracs, cornmeal-crusted alligator and all the waterfront-related madness that goes along with it, opening Thursday on the Embarcadero.

This is brought to you courtesy of one Charles Phan. Guy’s been busy lately. Just opened up South last week at SFJazz. But that was then and this is... different.

You see, there’s a sort of New Orleans crab shack meets lawless bourbon bar thing happening here. There’s a horseshoe-shaped marble bar with a gigantic buoy light fixture above it. There’s a raw bar with oysters, crab and crawfish. There’s a big wall of impossible-to-find bourbon.

So this Thursday night, round up a group of people who love Thursday nights. Grab some stools at the bar or along one of the counters (note: if you’re looking for a table... they don’t have any of those). On one side: the Embarcadero. On the other: nothing but bay.

Go for the latter. Then go for some fried chicken with pepper jelly. Maybe a little seafood gumbo with okra étouffée. As for the cocktail side of things, think old-school—Sazeracs. Old Fashioneds. French 75s.

Don’t worry, the beer’s new.


Hard Water
Pier 3
(at the Embarcadero)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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