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A Bi-Level Bar with a Passion for Smoked Meats

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All this talk about daylight saving time really got you thinking.

This is one hell of a Central time zone we got going here.

It’s earlier than New York. It’s later than LA. And if you have a hankering for toasted ravioli, you’re happy that we have St. Louis on our team.

So meet Central Standard, a culinary-minded saloon that takes inspiration from every CST land from Canada to the Gulf Coast, opening Friday.

First and foremost, it’s a bar. So, as is the style these days, it’s filled with Wisconsin barn wood that’s been made into tables and chicken-coop wire that’s been fashioned into pendant lights. It’s also filled with 42 tap handles. Which is also a nice touch.

We imagine you heading here after work, maybe with a big group in tow. You’ll be greeted by Sazeracs (representing New Orleans), poutine (representing Canada) and photos of farm girls reclining on hay bales (representing what you thought went on in Nebraska when you were 14 years old).

And since they have a smoker working overtime, turning out beef short rib (for the St. Louis–style toasted ravioli), pork rillettes and smoked chicken wings, there won’t be any harm in you sticking around for dinner.

Looks like you won’t be missing that hour after all.

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