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The Reinvention of the Rose Bar

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Reinvention. Evolution. Change.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when these things are necessary.

Today, it’s the Old Fashioned’s turn.

Reintroduce yourself to the Rose Bar at Delano South Beach. They’ve got a new barkeep, a new bar menu and a few radical thoughts about what now constitutes an Old Fashioned. Herewith, three things you should know before bellying back up to the bar tonight:

1. Call it a New Fashioned. The bartender here has done stints at both the Mondrian and Fontainebleau. Turns out, he picked up a few nifty tricks while he was there. Like how to double-infuse the classic Old Fashioned with bacon fat. And, you know, not make it taste terrible.

2. In the event you don’t like bacon. They’re doing the whole tailor-made-drink thing here now, too. Just tell the bartender what you’re into—could be a spirit (whiskey) or a taste (things that taste like whiskey)—and he’ll mix you up a little custom cocktail... that you can totally name after yourself.

3. Forget the pretzels. And what does one eat with a bacon Old Fashioned—how about something from the new bar menu. Like truffle-butter popcorn or housemade potato chips covered in warm blue-cheese-fonduta sauce.

Better make that fonduta a double.


Rose Bar at Delano South Beach
1685 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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