Brewstone Beer Company

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A Friendly Sports Pub in River North

Troops are already amassing. Key positions are being scouted. Leprechauns are being recruited.

So it’s time to start ensuring you have all your key St. Patrick’s Day destinations mapped out.

Hence we bring word of Brewstone Beer Company, a polished sports joint/beer joint, opening Thursday in River North to officially kick off your St. Pat’s partying.

This is an Indianapolis-based outfit launching its first venture in Chicago. We’re not sure what kind of market research they conducted before coming to town, but apparently they learned you had a soft spot for beer. So they’ve got 32 draft handles standing by. And 30 bottles of reinforcements. And three cans. Just to be safe.

Now, most of the year, you’ll probably find this place, with its 30 flat-screens and comfort-food menu, an attractive after-work option to watch a game. It offers plenty of deep, rounded booths for your post-office get-togethers over lobster corn bisque and Kobe-beef burgers.

Next Saturday, however, when you’re looking for a place to hole up before or after they turn the Chicago River green, you’ll find safe haven here. They’re serving a green-beer-and-ham breakfast and specials on all things Irish—beer, whiskey, etc.

And by “etc.,” we mean even more beer.


Brewstone Beer Company
414 N Orleans St
(between Kinzie and Hubbard)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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