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A Downtown Men’s Shop by Way of LA

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There are certain things from LA that we’d rather just remain in LA.

Like Lakers named Kobe. And steaks made from tofu. And Kardashians.

But straight-from-LA dapperness...

Come on in. Make yourself comfortable.

Here’s your first look at Traffic Los Angeles, a transplanted California men’s shop with more than a few things you’ll want to own for spring, soft-opening tomorrow on Main Street at the Joule.

What you’ll find inside: 2,000 square feet of ironwork from an LA artist, an entire wall made of petrified wood and—more related to your wearing-clothes needs—clothes. Racks of the stuff. Like lightweight blazers, cotton-trim loafers and eel leather jackets. Pieces that’ll really come in handy once patio season and/or eel leather season officially begins.

We’re thinking it might be best to drop by here tomorrow during your lunch break. Get yourself a good pair of selvage jeans (something you can comfortably beer garden in this weekend), a couple of spring-appropriate silk ties and a Chop House Burger with truffle fries from down the block. Because, you know, lunch.

And coming soon: a dedicated women’s shop (just in case you were curious). Also, a slightly more laid-back expansion called Traffic Play. That’s where you’ll go for the kind of polos and high-tops that are great for casual Friday.

Or overdressed Monday, if you work from home.


Traffic Los Angeles
at The Joule
1530 Main St
Dallas, TX, 75201


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