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The South End’s Sexy New Steakhouse

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That was some nap dream you had.

Cows. Renegade potatoes in iron chariots. The Amish.

Very weird.

But it would appear you’ve got a touch of ESP.

Because it’s all relevant to Boston Chops, a sexy new South End steakhouse courtesy of the team behind Deuxave, opening today on Washington Street in the old Ginger Park/Banq space.

You’ve come to expect certain things from a steakhouse. This has those things, and then some. To wit: pressed-leather banquettes. Raw bar. Vintage-y streetlights. And a gorgeous 30-seat bar made by the Amish using their reclaimed barn wood (it’s not a steak joint without a touch of the Amish).

The plan: you’ll head in tonight to catch up with a softball buddy. Grab some bar space across from the antique metal lockers. Toss back some oysters and Manhattans. If you want to watch the game, flat-screen TVs will pop out from a semi-magical compartment.

But later this week, you’ll commandeer a table in the back and split the insane twice-baked potato (cheese curds, pork belly and cheese on an iron skillet) with a carb-friendly date. One who also doesn’t balk at beef tongue, hanger steak or a 14-ounce double-cut pork chop with Carolina dry rub and glazed apples.

You know, like your ballerina friend.


Boston Chops
1375 Washington St
Boston, MA, 02118


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