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Undying loyalty. Constant companionship. The pickup factor.

A dog is man’s best friend for a reason. But endless games of fetch and frequent walks don’t add up to a workout. Hence this new gym, Fit Glen Fit (sister gym to Fit Bernal Fit), which will take your dog off your hands so you can get a decent workout in, and it’s opening Saturday.

Below, three potential reasons why you’ll go...

1. If your dog needs a walk.
You’ll pass your dog off to the owner, Jeanne, who’s a certified dog walker and dog sitter. (Yes, they certify that kind of thing.) They’ll head out to Glen Canyon Park for a one-hour jaunt. We’re told no treadmills are involved.

2. If your dog is more of a lounge lizard.
While this gym doesn’t have a doggy lounge, Fit Bernal Fit does, and it’s about a mile away. It’s outfitted with an indoor/outdoor playground with all the amenities (toys, treats and a tree). Membership gives you access to both gyms. Presumably, the same applies for your dog.

3. If you want to, like, work out...
Dog ownership isn’t a prerequisite to membership, and it’s still a full-fledged gym with treadmills, bikes, free weights and other muscle-building accoutrements—plus yoga and TRX. Everything’s pretty simple—there’s fingerprint access from 5am to 11pm daily.

Sadly, paw-print technology hasn’t come that far yet.


Fit Glen Fit
666 Chenery St
(near Diamond)
San Francisco, CA, 94131


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