1973 by Mr. R


A SoBe Spot for Impossible-to-Find Sneakers

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There’s a lot you look for in a pair of sneakers.

The fit.

The style.

The long-term potential as an investment property.

So step inside 1973 by Mr. R, a slick SoBe storefront that’s selling some of the rarest (think solid-gold Adidas high-tops) and most sought-after sneakers of all time, now open.

A little bit of background: the guys behind this place opened their original sneaker shop on Lincoln Road back in 1973. As a 40-year celebration, they... probably smoked a bunch of really good cigars. But also, they created this glossy white spot to house some of the stranger kicks they’ve accumulated over the years. Game-worn things. Shaq-worn things. Animal-skin things.

Those are the type of things you’re coming here to purchase. If you’re in the market for a basketball sneaker that you should probably never play basketball in, there’s the limited-run AMR Lite. They’re leopard-print, dipped in anodized gold and... subtle.

Or perhaps you want something made out of reptile. Then, there’s the next-to-impossible-to-find Adidas snakeskin-striped sneaks that were inspired by the Chinese New Year. They’re the kind of shoes you’ll want to display—only breaking out for the specialist of occasions.

Like Chinese New Year.


1973 by Mr. R
100 16th St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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