White Rushin’

Whitewatering Your Way Around the World

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The lazy river.

Probably the greatest artificial aquatic amusement ever.

Hop on a raft, float merrily down the stream and bump unsuspecting victims under a miniature waterfall.

Great stuff.

Anyway, here’s the complete opposite of that:

Prepare to get wet on the Six Continent Whitewater Adventure, a very self-explanatory expedition where you’ll conquer nine rivers on six continents using nothing but an inflatable raft, accepting willing parties now.

Assuming you’re comfortable one-upping Ferdinand Magellan as you circle the globe in less than a month, your itinerary will be as follows: California. Ecuador. Spain. Kenya. India. Australia. (And then, presumably, someplace dry like Arizona. We won’t judge.)

But before donning your wetsuit—before you even film the introduction to your helmet-cam montage—remember this name: John Yost. He’s basically the Ernest Shackleton of the whitewater scene, having captained nearly every uncharted rafting expedition in modern history. He’ll be your guide. And your partner in nightcaps on the eight nights you’re sleeping on riverbanks. (We hear he’s also a terrific big spoon.)

When you’re not paddling Class IV rapids, taming river monsters and just generally laughing hysterically at death, you’ll have some leisure time in Barcelona, Nairobi and Delhi. Not to mention a long, scenic drive through the Himalayas.

Your raft is now a sled.

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