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You’ve heard it. The dull roar coming from the general vicinity of Third Street and Gardner-ish. It’s happening. Finally. Topman at Topshop opens Thursday at the Grove, and LA will never be the same—or at the very least, there’s a new place for you to buy an English sweater before you hit the Farmers Market. Here are only the most vital stats:

Square footage of the new behemoth: 30,000
Levels: 2
Exact opening time on Thursday: 4pm
Average age of the girls who’ll be waiting in line by 3:30pm on Thursday: 20.6
Chance you’ll see Kate Bosworth hanging around, since she designed an exclusive collection for the ladies: oh, let’s say 7%
Unexpected sartorial shout-outs to Echo Park: 1, on a T-shirt
Percentage of men’s merchandise labeled as an LA-exclusive launch: 25
Tweed jackets and cashmere sweaters you’ll want to pick up: 1 of each
Identical jackets and sweaters currently available online or in the UK: 0
Options for tuxedo slippers with skull and crossbones on them: 2 (maroon or black)
Likelihood you’ll hear a One Direction song while trying them on: 12%
Likelihood you could, if pressed, name a member of One Direction: 6%


Topman at Topshop
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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