Hip, Hip, Heraea

A Massive Shrine to Sports, Steak and Women

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Today, we get a little girlie.

New York strips, Kobe burgers and gambling on heavyweight boxing.

That kind of girlie...

Hold the door for Heraea, a colossal den of steak, sports betting and unbridled femininity, in previews now and grand-opening February 17 at the Palms.

Let’s be clear. This place was built for women. The lighting is delicate. The lines are curvy. The filets are petit. In fact, the entire concept revolves around an early, all-female Greek Olympiad (we assume togas were involved).

But then there’s the matter of that sportsbook. It’s got one in the back. Which... okay, bit of a curveball. Let’s think this through.

So you’ve got two options here—the traditional route and the creative. The traditional: bring a date—someone you’ve known since way back three hours ago when they became your lucky charm at the craps table. You two grab a burgundy wraparound banquette in the dining room. You have steak frites and miso black cod, respectively. And you get to know each other. Intimate. Delightful.

Now for the creative route. You go straight to that sportsbook. There’s a towering array of projection screens above your head. There’s a floor-to-ceiling view of the pool. You put a little something down on the Knicks. You have an Old Fashioned. Bachelorette parties are running their natural course all around you. The Knicks win. And look at that, drinks are on you.

Well played.


at Palms
4321 W Flamingo Rd
(between Arville and Wynn)
Las Vegas, NV, 89103


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